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Lochlyn Christante [userpic]
Any idea how to get baked-on grease stains off of Pyrex?

I have a glass baking pan because I really don't want my food to be in contact with aluminum or Teflon, if I can avoid it. The problem is that I suck at dishes, and I've been trying to remove this brown baked-on grease, and it's just not happening. I don't want to toss an otherwise perfectly good Pyrex baking dish. Any ideas how to clean the blasted thing?

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AFAIK, the only solution is old fashioned elbow grease and a metal wool scrubber. It does help to soak the pan with soapy water first, but you really need something abrasive to get the grease off once it's baked on.

I don't know if it's an option for you or not, but you could just leave it on as long as it's otherwise clean.

For days that I'm particularly motivated to clean, I grab a steel wool scrubby and a can of Barkeeper's Friend and go at it. It doesn't happen often. :)

I think it's safe. I mean, it's been at sterilizing temperatures... which is why it's so hard to get off. Because it's Pyrex, I don't even know what side it's actually on. I'll try Barkeeper's Friend and see what I can do. I used three steel wool scrubbies up on it so far.

you could also do this in 2 stages 1 buy spray on oven cleaner and coat the pan inside and out place it on a bakers rack and let it sit over night. next morning scrub it clean with soap and a brillo pad that should do the trick

My fiancee was able to remove this.